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Chocolate Rocks

In class 3 this week we have had a lot of fun making two types of chocolate rocks.  We made chocolate igneous rocks by pouring melted chocolate into a tinfoil mould and letting it go cold in the fridge.  Then we made chocolate sedimentary rocks by grating three different types of rocks and then squashing them for 1 minute between two pieces of tinfoil. We found out that the igneous rocks are a lot harder than the sedimentary rocks.  They were both good fun and we did get a little (or a lot in some cases) messy!

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Class 6 have a great time at Robinwood!

Last week Class 6 travelled to Robinwood adventure Centre for their annual residential. They had a fabulous time and enjoyed all of the amazing activities on offer! They zipped their way down the zip wire, swung through the air on the giant swing, explored tunnels and caverns when caving and faced their fears by climbing the towering trapeze. The behaviour of the children whilst away was exceptional and many instructors commented on their good manners and super cooperation skills. Well done, Class 6! A number of children have asked if we can go again!

We will be holding a class assembly on Friday 6th October at 9am so that we can tell the rest of the school about our wonderful trip to Robinwood. Class 6 parents are all very welcome to attend too and we hope to see as many of you there as possible!

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Fun in Cleethorpes

Class 2 enjoyed their visit to the seaside despite the wind and rain. In the lovely morning sunshine we built sandcastles on the beach, collected shells and went for a paddle. We used our flags in our sandcastles and plan to evaluate our designs back in school as some of them didn’t quite hold up in the wind. Whilst having our lunch at the café the weather changed but we still enjoyed our ice creams in the rain! We had a ride on the lollipop train which was extra exciting because we had the rain shields attached to our carriages. We absolutely loved our seaside visit.

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Racing driver

‘B’ in Class 4 thinks he has the perfect hobby, he races radio controlled cars! He spends most weekends with his brother and dad attending different clubs and events. He belongs to the Batley Buggy Club which races outdoors in Summer and MB Models which races indoors during the winter months. In August he took part in the off-road Junior Championships at Bury and won 2nd place in the under 13’s two wheel drive final and 3rd place in the four wheel drive final. Well done ‘B’, what a fantastic achievement.




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Mountain Souvenirs

‘I’ in Class 3 is the lucky owner of some very special rocks. His first pieces are from Mount Everest which is over 60 million years old. It rises 8840 metres above sea level and its summit forms the border of Nepal to the South and China to the North. Rocks are not normally allowed to be removed from the mountain but the one’s that ‘I’ owns were brought down for scientific study by Oxford university in 2009.
The other rock is actually lava from Mount Vesuvius which is one of the most well known (and still active) volcanoes in the world. It is estimated to be about 17,000 years old and is the only volcano on the European mainland that has erupted during the last century. Located in Italy about 9 miles from the city of Naples, visitors can climb the mountain and walk to within 200 yards of the summit. The most famous eruption happened in 79AD when it completely buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.



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A great week in Class R

We’ve had another great week in Class R. It’s been lovely to see how enthusiastically  the children are coming in to school each morning.

This week we have been reading the Very Hungry Caterpillar. We have performed songs to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. We’ve drawn and labelled pictures and models. We’ve also been sequencing and reading numbers to 10. In phonics we have been identifying the initial sounds of words.

We’ve also been in to assembly for the first time and sat and listened beautifully.