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Safer Internet Day

Whether we like it or not, technology and the Internet are firmly fixed in our children’s lives. Use of the internet can be a wonderful thing, opening up new worlds and supporting children’s learning and development in many ways, as well as being a fun way to relax and keep in touch with friends. However, we are all aware of the pitfalls and dangers of the online community, and since most of the current generation of parents grew up in the days before smartphones, we can feel a little clueless as to how to best protect our children. Please look at computing curriculum area of our blog for useful information on how to keep your children safe.

This week in school your children have been spending time learning about keeping safe online and taking part in activities for Safer Internet Day. The theme for this year is ‘Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you.’ It would be a good opportunity for you to chat with your child about this and their knowledge of keeping safe online.

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WW2 Memories

A bought in a brilliant array of WW2 artefacts including: a replica 100lb bomb, a hand grenade, an Iron Cross and a detailed account of her great-grandfather’s experience during the war. Thanks to A and her family for allowing Class 5 to view these rare items.


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Blue Peter Badge

As Blue Peter celebrates its 5000 episode today, we say a big ‘Well Done!’ to O K-S for recently being awarded the programme’s blue badge. O made an Aqua Bead design of Shelly the tortoise and sent it in to the show. The badge gains her free entry to over 200 nationwide attractions. Fantastic!

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WW2 Research

Some of our Year 5 children brought some fascinating WW2 artefacts into school. The finds included:  a hand grenade belonging to the 101st Airborne Division; a replica 100lb bomb; an Iron Cross; original ID cards, unused ration books; a gas mask and a belt of spent cartridges. Family history documentation highlighted some amazing facts, including references to a scientist who invented the radar. The scientist, Dr Campbell Minnis, is the great- great uncle of one of the boys in Class 5!

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Holocaust Memorial Day

P, J and M attended a very poignant ceremony to mark Holocaust Day, on Friday evening at Horizon School. Many local dignitaries were in attendance, including Stephanie Peacock MP and the Lord Mayor of Barnsley. The special guest, Auschwitz Birkenau survivor Iby Knill, gave a very moving account of her life story. Iby is now over 90 years of age, but she continues to address meetings and events to talk of her experiences during the Second World War. J and M were awarded an accolade for the pieces of writing they produced to mark Holocaust Day. Many thanks to the children and their families for supporting this event.