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question markAt Silkstone Primary School we are intent on ensuring that children and their learning come first, foremost and always in any decisions we make and any actions we take.  If you have any comments or concerns that you’d like to share with us then please get in touch.  There are lots of ways to contact us depending on the nature of the issue you want to discuss.


Whilst we don’t encourage parents to come into classrooms in a morning, due to wanting to maximise learning time, you can still pass messages onto the teacher at the start of school.  This can be done by having a quick word or passing a note to any member of staff near the door, to any member of the Leadership Team outside or via the office.    Please rest assured, notes are followed up on and someone will get back to you if required.

If you’d like a quick chat with a teacher, and it’s not urgent, they are generally available at the end of the school day when you are very welcome to pop into the classroom.  For a longer meeting, it’s much better to make an appointment.  All of our teachers will do their best to be flexible about trying to make an appointment that suits your needs.

If you’d like to talk to a member of the Leadership Team, please call in or phone to make an appointment.  Where we can, we will meet with you immediately;  if this is not possible due to other priorities, we will arrange to meet as soon as we possible.

You can also contact us via email at


Questionnaire for Parents and Carers

You can also fill in Ofsted’s online questionnaire by following this link

Comments, concerns and compliments slips

You can also download the form below that can be filled in at anytime if you want to share your thoughts with us and can’t get into school.  You can return it via email, through the class box or by dropping it in at the office.

Comments, concerns and compliments

Our full contact details are:
Silkstone Primary School
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Telephone 01226 790333

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