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Our School Song



I am delighted to let you know that Class 6 have been fortunate enough to work alongside the fabulous and multi-talented Catherine Ranus to write our very own school song!

The creativity, collaboration, determination and unstinting effort that went into crafting every word and note of the song so that it really does capture a typical school day, and the children’s feelings about our school, was truly inspirational!

If you work in another school, I can’t recommend Catherine highly enough.  She is a very talented musician but also works incredibly well with children to really allow their talents to flourish.  You can find out more about Catherine’s work via her website  or on facebook .

Silkstone Primary School Song


We’re charging in through the door,
Check the time, it’s 10 to 9,
Read the board, check our drawers,
Complete the task, really fast,
Time to read, lots of books,
The Gruffalo or Captain Hook.

Literacy, A B C
Numeracy, 1 2 3
We’re off to lunch, to have a munch
Time to talk to friends,
Football, netball, rugby too,
We hope it never ends.

Silkstone Primary
(A happy place for you and me)
Silkstone Primary,
(Familiar faces you will see)
Silkstone Primary,
(The kindest people you’ll ever meet)
Silkstone Primary

The greatest place where you will ever be
We trudge back in, it’s one O clock,
Time to paint, let’s create,
Super science, investigate,
Sit as one, sing a song,
ICT interests me.

Let’s get changed, time for sport,
Play a game, any sort.
Lots of fun for everyone.
Best of all is Golden time,
Time to laugh and play ,
The day is done, we’ve had fun,
Hip, hip, hip hooray!

We all love our Silkstone Primary (x3)


7 thoughts on “Our School Song

  1. I still love the song I really miss silkstone!!!!

  2. Tamsin: I think the song is brilliant and I also think that it really suits silkstone primary.

  3. oh my gosh I am so proud of class 6 I am wowed! from lucy class 2

  4. Oh how I love that song it’s amazing fantastic year 6

  5. oops sorry i meant Catherine x

  6. BEST SONG EVER!!!!! well done class 6 and Caroline! its so good that my baby sister Elsie is singing it right now!

  7. I really enjoyed writing the song and loved getting to work in a team. Thankyou Mrs Rannus for taking the time to come in and help us. I hope we get the chance to work with you again.
    Amelia Littlewood
    Class 6

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