Silkstone Primary School

helping children realise their gifts and talents

Vision, values and ethos

Silkstone Primary

A school with soul

Vision, values and ethos

Our vision is to nurture happy, confident individuals with a love for learning and for life. To build a school community where everyone cares for and respects themselves, each other and the wider world.

We aim to achieve this through

  • Working together to create a happy school full of learning, laughter and friendship. A listening school where children and adults know their views are important, respected and acted on.
  • Recognising each child as unique and encouraging them to recognise and develop individual strengths and talents so that they feel confident to take risks within a safe, positive environment.
  • A rich curriculum that provides opportunities to explore, investigate and question our complex world.
  • A curriculum where academic excellence is underpinned by spiritual, moral, social and cultural development enabling children to develop as responsible citizens.
  • High quality teaching and learning across the curriculum with children encouraged to think for themselves, express their opinions and take responsibility for their learning.