Silkstone Primary School

helping children realise their gifts and talents


At Silkstone Primary School we welcome volunteers as we know they can really help in so many different ways.

Many of our parents help out by joining the PTA, by becoming a reading friend or a class helper, by offering specialist skills that we can make use of or by helping on school visits and sporting events.

Our children benefit from the time and expertise that this brings to school and lots of our parents tell us they benefit too as it helps them to feel part of our happy community and also gives them ideas about how they might further support their child/children at home.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact a member of staff for more information about how to apply.

As part of ensuring our children are kept safe and that volunteers are helped to give of their best within the role, a process of recruitment is undertaken which school staff guide them through – so there’s no need to be worried!

All volunteers must read and comply with the following documents:

Working With Volunteers Policy 

Volunteers Risk Assessment

Code of Conduct

Health and Safety Policy 2019

BMBC Health and Safety Leaflet

Safeguarding and child protection policy 2018-19

Whistle Blowing Policy

Preventing Illegal Working Policy

Smoking and Vaping at Work Policy

Dignity at Work Policy


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