Silkstone Primary School

helping children realise their gifts and talents



Our PTA is proud and grateful for the excellent relationship they have with the teachers, governors, parents, carers, local business and most of all the school children, who by all working together are improving Silkstone Primary School now and for the future.

Our school has a welcoming, enthusiastic and dedicated PTA team; who work together to ensure that the children of Silkstone Primary School have the enrichment activities and resources they deserve. They work hard to ensure that they can advance the children’s education and create memorable experiences.

Our PTA is keen to raise funds that provide value for money for those who support the events and activities they organise. They aim to organise events that bring the community together and involve a lot of fun for all.

Our PTA team relies on support from so many people and is always extremely grateful for any support people can provide. You can support our PTA in so many ways, so please get in touch. They are always thankful for any help received no matter how big or small. If you only have 5 minutes to help or would like to help at one or all our events, you are always welcome.

Please follow our Facebook page to keep up to date the lasts information. It really helps us if you can share our posts too.

You can contact the PTA anytime by sending us a private message on Facebook, emailing or please come and speak to one of our committee members or anyone in our team.

Elected Committee for 2018/19 are:

Chair:                                      Michelle Knowles                 Class 1 and Class 4 mum

Treasurer:                              Caroline Jubb                        Class 1 and Class 5 mum


Committee member:           Lindsey  Watson                        Class 5 mum

Committee member:           Sally Adams

Registered Charity Number: 1139505


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