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Learning at Home

‘D’ from Class 2 has extended his own learning about The Great Fire of London at home. He has made a model of Samuel Pepys’ House and a little model of him too! He has also complied a book about his visit to London a couple of years ago, where ‘D’ climbed the monument to the Great Fire, which started on Pudding Lane in 1666.

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Born In A Barn

Classes R, 1 and 2 have been busy preparing for their Nativity play called Born in a Barn. These photographs were taken at the dress rehearsal, where KS2 came along to watch. They have worked hard to learn all their lines and the songs. A good job all round and we hope parents enjoyed watching it on Tuesday and Wednesday this week too!

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Greek Vases

Class 6 have enjoyed building their own structures inspired by Greek vases. They have used balloons, yoghurt pots and cardboard to form their own designs, then coated these in paper mache. In pairs, they added colour, shapes and patterns to portray themselves through their artwork. They are looking fabulous!

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Class 5 Festive Afternoon Tea

Class 5 have had a busy week planning, designing and baking for their festive afternoon tea! It was a great event and enjoyed by all. Our musicians and speakers performed with confidence and not a single biscuit was left to be eaten! Class 5 put on this event to demonstrate their food technology skills and also to raise awareness and food for the homeless in Barnsley. We would like to thank everyone for their very kind donations of goods to go to Barnsley food bank.


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Maths in Class R

Lots of busy maths work in Class R this week.

We have been counting and pegging  a given number of legs onto spiders.

We have made loose parts spiders and compared the length of their legs.

We have been counting to find the total number of two separate piles of bears.

And… we have been finding named shapes from a pile. We are getting quite clever as we know cylinder and cone now  too.