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Boys Fundraiser

After enjoying wearing tights in our recent production of Hoodwinked, four boys from Year 6 decided to spend the day in dresses to raise money for cancer research.    The boys raised an impressive £224.25 for Cancer Research.

They did a brilliant job fundraising and looked fantastic too!

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We had an interesting assembly today.  It began will a piano solo and was then followed by a very informative powerpoint presentation about climate change.  The powerpoint was independently created and delivered by four girls from Class 5.  They did an absolutely brilliant job showcasing their IT and presentation skills, whilst reminding us all of the importance of making changes in our lifestyles to help save the planet.  Future David Attenborough’s in the making!

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Good Luck Year 6

We would like to wish these fabulous Year 6 children Good Luck as they make the transition to secondary school. These children will officially start Horizon Community College on Monday- as Year 7’s! Good luck- you are all superstars and we know you will make a success of your time in your new school.