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New School Lunch Menu

In an effort to make our school lunches healthier, reduce waste and increase uptake this week we have been trialling some new dishes.  Today it was beef tacos and macaroni cheese, which received an overwhelming thumbs up.  Thank you to Elsa and Dawn for following up on the children’s menu suggestions and helping to make our school lunches a delicious success.

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Eco Team

Our newly elected Eco Team have completed their audit and identified three areas that the school is going to focus on as we work towards our Eco Schools Bronze Award.  The three areas are:

  • Reducing our use of plastic
  • Encouraging wild life into our school grounds
  • Reducing energy usage


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Year 5 Poetry Competition Winners

N.B and E.S won a Holocaust Memorial Day poetry competition and received their awards from Holocaust survivor, Arek Hersh.  The girls attended a poignant evening of reflection and remembrance at Horizon School, where they were awarded with their prizes. Many other children from Class 5 received certificates for their powerful poems based on the theme, ‘Torn form Home.’