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Most Able

At Silkstone Primary School we look to nurture the gifts and talents of all our children. As part of this we look to recognise and support the abilities of all children including our Most Able.

Our Most Able pupils are those who may demonstrate exceptional potential in a particular area such as leadership, creative imagination, or highly developed PE, music, art or social skills. They may possess a high level of academic ability in one or more subject areas.

Silkstone has a great emphasis on encouraging pupils to be proud of their achievements.  All pupils are encouraged to see their own strengths and to enjoy the strengths of others.  We provide a lot of opportunities for pupils to share their talents, for example, through celebration assemblies.  Pupils are given constant opportunities to shine – and share their abilities, whether they be something that is part of school life or an activity that is done out of school.

At Silkstone we are very conscious that all pupils need to be challenged in order to sustain their interest and further develop their skills.  This of course applies to all learners – they need to be provided with challenges that stretch them, and yet are achievable.  Our Most Able pupils relish the opportunity to be challenged, and take pride in the fact that we know that they are capable of taking greater responsibility for their own learning.

This year we have been reviewing our current practice around our Most Able pupils and below we explain the developments and exciting new changes we are making.

1. Most Able Definition

We believe that all children have gifts and talents and for those who may excel in an area we recognise them to be Most Able. For this reason we have changed the register we have in school of ‘Gifted and Talented’ children to Most Able. We have also reviewed how we define Most Able and how we identify children.

2. Communication with parents

We are looking to strengthen our communication with parents for children who are identified as Most Able in an area of school. We understand and value the importance of ensuring you understand why your child has been recognised for being Most Able and providing information around the provision they are receiving.

3. Promoting the provision provided

Children at Silkstone Primary School experience a wide range of opportunities, and learning challenges that allow our Most Able children to flourish and grow. We recognise that we need to highlight this provision more to parents and continue to celebrate the success that these opportunities provide.

4. Monitoring

Following on from our review of current practice we are changing the way in which we monitor our Most Able children ensuring that we continue to provide our children with the best learning opportunities we can.

5. Wider links

At Silkstone Primary School we are constantly looking and striving to develop new learning opportunities with other schools in our area and the Secondary Schools and Advanced Learning Schools. We will continue to do this and explore opportunities for our Most Able pupils.

If you have any concerns, questions or feedback about Most Able pupils please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us at school as we welcome all communication.

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