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Equalities Information



Silkstone Primary School Single Equality Policy

Development of the Equality Objectives

It is a requirement that the development of this plan and the actions within in have been informed by the input of all stakeholders. We have achieved this by using the following to shape the plan

  • Feedback from staff surveys or input through staff meetings/INSET
  • Input from Governing Body meetings
  • Feedback from the parent/carer questionnaire or input through parent/carer consultation meetings
  • Feedback from the school council, PSHCE lessons and whole school surveys on children’s attitudes to self and school
  • Issues raised in reviews of Individual Education Plans, Annual Reviews and Mentoring/Support Meetings

Review of progress and impact

We make regular assessment of children’s learning and use this information to track progress and attainment. As part of this process, we regularly monitor achievement and uptake by gender, ethnicity, special educational need and disability to ensure that all groups of children are making the best possible progress, and take appropriate action to address any gaps.

We have a rolling programme for reviewing our school policies and their impact. In line with legislative requirements, we will review progress against our Equality Action Plan annually and review the entire policy and accompanying action plan on a three year cycle.

 Publishing the objectives

In order to meet our statutory requirements we will

  • Raise awareness of the objectives through staff meetings, assemblies, governing body meetings, parent/carer consultations and school      newsletters
  • Publish the objectives on our website
  • Ensure hard copies are available on request

Equality Objective 1:

To increase boys achievement at level 5 in English by 25% by July 2015.

Why we have chosen this objective:

The school has a high proportion of boys to girls.  It is important for us to ensure they attain highly in all areas.

To achieve this objective we plan to:

Ensure boys achievement in English is targeted within the school development plan.  Within this and through staff training and   the use of targeted resources, ensure boy-friendly strategies are used to engage and accelerate the progress of boys in English.  Closely monitor the progress of boys and refine provision where necessary.

Progress we are making towards achieving this objective:

Equality Objective 2:

By July 2013, to ensure our referral system for all forms of bullying, including prejudice-based bullying, is used in a timely manner by parents and children so that no incidents are left unreported.

Why we have chosen this objective:

A small number of concerns raised within the parent/carer questionnaire suggest that a small number of parents/carers are concerned that there may be some issues of bullying that the school is unaware of.

To achieve this objective we plan to:

Carry out a regular survey of   all forms of bullying amongst pupils. Increase awareness of prejudice,   discrimination and associated bullying and how to deal with it through assemblies, circle-time and through a re-emphasis within the PSHE curriculum.  Use the website to ensure parents/carers understand their role in reporting prejudice, discrimination and bullying.

Progress we are making towards achieving this objective: