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Celebration Assembly

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Children of the Week

Good Behaviour Record w/e 1.11.19

Class R
William H – Lined up numbered cups from 1-10 and put the right number of conkers in each cup.
Isaac – For being hard working and sensible all the time.
Isabelle – Describing her costume in great detail before coming to the disco.
Harriet – For being friendly and such a good mixer.
Class 1
Amelia W – A lovely act of kindness towards another child.
Elsie K, Grayson L and Eva L – A super attitude to learning and trying hard with their work.
Class 2
Seb C – Trying hard to improve his handwriting.
Ellie P – Working hard all week and really improving with sentence writing.
Anna W and Jack W – Being a total delight to have in class 2, always ready for work!
Class 3
Amelia B and Hannah R – Really good topic work!
Anna, Reuben, Ruby and Ewan – Fabulous skills in rugby – good resilience and teamwork.
Class 4
Harris and Gabriel – Making good progress in writing.
Riley, Henry, Yusuf and Bella – Brilliant rugby skills.
Class 5
Ava J – For reading so many books!
Lukasz – For working really well with problem solving in maths.
Emily and Lola S – Working really hard to make loom bands and sell them at spooky disco.
Class 6
Robert A and Caitlin W – For reading aloud to the class.




Good Behaviour Record w/e 18.10.19

Class R
Jasey M and Sky C – The most amazing tidying up in the playdough.
Argya O – For always working super hard and always being polite and helpful.
Edith L – For always noticing and looking after people who are upset and talking to them and helping them.
Class 1
Josie W – A really good effort in phonics lessons.
Anderson B – Trying really hard with his spellings.
Alex – Trying very hard to listen carefully.
Class 2
Ella N and Ellie P – Working super hard in maths with Mrs Walmsley all week.
Meryem U – Lovely piece of work based on ‘Cat and Bird’ by Paul Klee.
Seth S, Frankie C, Daniel R, Ben D and Thomas F – Being really helpful at lunchtime doing jobs and giving equipment out. They are a big help!
Class 3
Max N – For absolutely amazing independent work today.
Rose M, Myla I and Hannah R  – For really trying hard with their handwriting.
Toby W – For using fantastic vocabulary in his writing.
Aria N – For trying hard in his writing.
Class 4
Jack S – A great effort with his writing.
Stefan  – Brilliant maths skills.
Joseph – Excellent handwriting.
Jemima – An excellent piece of art work.
Annie C – Making a great effort with her writing.
Daniel  – Taking a keen interest in our Romans topic.
Class 5
Isobel H – Super additional writing about the Huskar Pit.
Isobel N – A superb story written at home.
Lottie M – For working incredibly hard at maths.
Violet DS – For being a whiz in her addition and subtraction.
Oliver C and Thomas H – Fantastic creative writing.
Class 6
Jessica M – For sharing her exciting ideas in literacy.
Jack C – For always trying so hard: putting his hand up in lessons and moving quickly onto the challenge in maths.
Niamh B – For overcoming difficulties with the cross country running. She knows it’s all about the trying!




Good Behaviour record w/e 4.10.19

Class R
Megan J – Has really settled this week and done some lovely work.
Molly C – Is really good now at putting her hand up to speak at carpet time.
Edward NB – Good attitude to getting ready and dressed after PE without help. Mr Speedy!
Ava G – Working super hard at phonics and trying to sound out ‘strawberry’ and record the sound.
Class 1
Enya – For working hard on her writing.
Harry M – Super phonics work.
Class 2
Ella N and Ellie P – Both girls working super hard in maths group, always ready to learn.
Logan B, Frankie C, Seb C, Emilia K, Fleur M and Daniel R – All completing extra work at home about ‘The Egg Box Dragon ‘ book! They have made models and brought them into school. Super learning! Well Done.
Class 3
Max N – Great work in phonics and trying very hard.
Ruby B and Evie M – Good topic work.
Max D – Excellent map work.
Ruben Q and Ewan W – Good art work
Class 4
Daniel, Albert and Louis  – Good effort with times tables.
Jemima and Emelina – For good writing
Class 5
Cleo – Writing a superb poem in literacy.
Lola Sm – Working very hard in lessons.
Lukaz – For being resilient when injured from football.
Lola Sa – Always trying her very best.
Class 6
Colby A, Jack C, Charlie B and Abby Mc – Completing their HOT 132 which means they can recall every  times and division fact up to 12 x 12 in 3 mins 30 seconds!!!!
Charlie M – An extremely positive attitude to learning. Trying hard. Putting his hand up to answer questions. Having a go. Not being afraid to get it wrong.




Good Behaviour Record w/e 20.9.19

Class R
All of Class R for super settling into their new school.
Class 1
Ruby H – Always being ready to learn and do her best
Austin H – Super reading and phonics.
Andrew H – Excellent spelling.
Class 2
Logan B – Trying really hard in class with his learning.
Anna W  and Rose W – Working hard in class and producing good work in lessons.
Seth S – Being a very good helper doing lots of jobs around the class for Miss Felton.
Class 3
Amelia F, Ruby B and Emma H – For really good descriptive writing even using some similes.
Toby W and Zayd B – For superb litter picking, even still litter picking when we got back on the field
Class 4
Emma H and Ava H – Excellent gymnastic skills.
Annie – A great help in class.
Bella – Great reading.
Class 5
Max – For working really hard and creating some superb writing.
Siavash, Qausaiyn, Henrietta and Caitlin – For being a superb table all ready for learning.
Class 6

All children for being so fantastic at Robin Wood
Amy – For being our times table champion.




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