Silkstone Primary School

helping children realise their gifts and talents

Spring 1 – Going for Goals


The theme for this half-term’s work on developing children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills is Going for goals! We are exploring how children can motivate themselves in their learning and across the school. As part of the theme children will be asked to set their own goals, think about how they learn best and consider how they might make wise choices.

Week 1: Knowing yourself as a learner

Can you use your knowledge to be a stronger learner?

  • I can tell you what I like doing and learning
  • I know that I’m responsible for my own learning
  • I know what I need to do to learn effectively
  • I know how my feelings can influence my learning
  • I can recognise when I’m using an excuse instead of finding a way round a problem

Week 2: Setting a realistic goal

Can you choose a good learning goal for this term?

  • I know what a goal is
  • I can set a goal for myself in my learning
  • I can choose a goal which is realistic
  • I can tell you why I want to achieve my goal
  • I can tell you how I’m going to achieve my goal
  • I can say what will happen when there’s a problem when I’m trying to achieve my goal

Week 3: Planning to reach a goal

Can you plan your steps and make yourself take them?

  •  I can say what I need to do next
  • I can break a goal down into small steps
  • I can set success criteria so I know if I’ve reached my goal
  • I can break down a goal into a number of steps and wait for the result
  • I know how others can help me achieve my goal and how I can help others
  • I know that it is up to me to get things done by taking the first step and then the next ones

Week 4: Resilience

Can you keep going to reach your goal even if you get frustrated or bored?

  • I can focus my attention and start a task
  • I can concentrate on what I’m doing
  • I know that working hard is important to reaching my goal
  • I can resist distractions
  • I can work towards the satisfaction of finishing a task
  • I can recognise when I’m getting bored or frustrated with a task
  • I can use a strategy to help me keep going

Week 5: Review

Can you talk about what’s gone well and how it could be even better?

  • I can tell you what I’ve done and the things that worked well
  • I can tell you what I have learned
  • I can tell you what went well and why it went well
  • I can tell you what I might do differently to be more successful
  • I can use what I’ve learnt when I do other things
  • I can be a critical friend to myself and others

If you would like to support this learning at home, there are some useful activities that you can do together here Going for Goals family activities

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