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Celebration Assembly

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Children of the Week

Good Behaviour Record w/e 17.5.19
Class R
Harry M – Lots of lovely sentences today with his writing on the lines.
Amelia W – Fabulous independent writing about the giant
Jon F – Superb maths work measuring beanstalks and recording how many counters long they were.
Harry W – Being really focused in phonics and writing words independently sounding out.
Ruby – Really working hard on phonics.
Class 1
Holly C – Trying hard with all her learning.
George B – Working very hard in literacy and maths.
Florence DS – For being kind to others.
Class 2
Jack L – Concentrating really well on his work.
Lucy D and Christopher P – An excellent effort with handwriting.
Scarlett S – Concentrating really well on her writing.
Molly W – Careful printing in art lessons.
Max N – Taking lots of care making his bug house.
Class 3
Louis S, Harris W, Abigail R, Oscar K, Luca H, Harrison C and Lily K – For doing absolutely fantastic writing they should be very proud of!
Class 4
Lola S, Oliver S and Qausaiyn M – All 3 have worked so hard this week. Always ready for work and on the ball. Giving their best at all times. Well done!
Class 5
Ben S, Abby M, Frank R and Emily S – Brilliant maths skills.
Kiera and Ava – Excellent acting skills.
Colby and George – A great effort in art.
Class 6 –
None this week


Good Behaviour Record w/e 10.5.19

Class R
Thomas M, Sam W and Enya T – Fabulous maths number bonds to 10.
Class 1
Seb C – Trying really hard with his writing.
Lawrie R – Making a much improved effort with behaviour.
Daniel R – For being a superstar!
Lucia G – For working really hard.
Anna W – For giving 100% all the time.
Class 2
Thomas K – Making a big effort with his writing.
Ruby B and Myla I – Great defending in PE
Reuben Q and Isaac B – Good teamwork in PE
Class 3
Stefan S, Jemima W, Harris W and Annie C – All four did really well in their 9 division test.
Ava H and Jack s – Both are doing really well with their reading.
Class 4
Elliot H – A really good attitude this week and tried hard in all lessons.
Ava J – Super ‘Atrix’ speech in literacy today.
Cleo H – An excellent week, on the ball and a good attitude to lessons.
Noah S – Good ideas on the carpet in discussion time.
Class 5
Jack D and Colby A – Working well in maths.
Frank R and Josh M – A great effort in cricket.
Ava B, Annabel S, Charlie B and Amy N – Brilliant team working skills when constructing the giant tetrahedron.
Class 6
Phoebe, Jacob D and Kathryn – An excellent attitude to their learning. All trying hard.
Michael – Always being polite and thoughtful and respectful to adults.

Good Behaviour Record w/e 3.5.19

Class R
Anderson B – Anderson has had a good week. He has been sitting really well at carpet time and trying hard with his writing.
Harry W – For showing great  interest in our new growing topic and for trying really hard in his writing.
Cora J – For some amazing sentence writing.
Iris H- For using good mathematical language and for being keen and excited to learn.
Alex W – For superb perseverance putting his jumper on all by himself.
Class 1
Frankie C – For just being a superstar.
Ben D – For trying really hard and listening well.
Emilia K – For always trying her best.
Fleur M – Carrying out super writing.
Class 2
Emma H and Myla I – Always being enthusiastic and giving her best.
Florence C and Reuben Q – Working hard to learn times tables.
Class 3
Emma H, Joseph B, Ben H, Louis S, Stefan S and Albert R – For getting 60/60 in less than 3 mins on 3x table test times and divide even after 2 weeks holiday.
Class 4
Henrietta T, Isobel N and Violet DS – A super first week back from all 3 girls. All focussed and on the ball, all working hard and a sensible attitude.
Thomas H – Always being ready for work.
Class 5
Charlotte H, Darcy L, Oliver M, Niamh B and Robert A – Always willing to help with tasks around the classroom.
Class 6
Mia G – Super 3d shape building using nets.
Connor W – A really positive attitude to learning.
Mikeal A and Kaid G – Excellent construction skills – super creativity shown to build a dodecahedron net!
Maia G – For her super spelling skills and excellent attitude to work.
Louie H – Great understanding in reading and asking questions to further his knowledge.


Good behaviour Record w/e 5.4.19

Class R
Iris H – For trying hard with being kind and friendly to her friends.
Isabelle W – For enthusiastic learning.
Harry M – Excellent ICT skills. Great work on too simple switching and logging on the class computer and doing the power point for Class R assembly.
James H and Andrew H – Excellent maths work counting on from 10 to make teen numbers.
Billy T – For excellent projects in the creative area.
Class 1
Ellie W – For trying really hard with her writing.
Frankie C – Always being ready to learn and trying hard.
Holly C – Excellent reading.
Class 2
Scarlett S – Good speaking and listening skills during class discussions.
Ruby B, Evie M, Max D and Elsie B – Good work on multiplication.
Thomas K – A great effort with team games during PE.
Class 3
Jenson S – For an excellent attitude to sewing.
Elsie L – For helping others in sewing.
Jack S – For an excellent helpful attitude in sewing.
Harrison C – For a really kind, caring attitude to others.
Class 4
Ryan F, Lukasz K and Iestyn C – Working hard all last week and having a sensible attitude to work.
Harry D – Good effort sewing his purse/wallet as part of our DT work.
A special mention to all Class 4 for their sewing this week. They designed and made purses/wallets to complete our Anglo Saxon topic. Well done!
Class 5
Annabel S and Ava B – Excellent PE skills.
Harry T and Albert S – Leading our walking group.
Megan W and Oliver M – A great effort in maths.
Class 6
Connor W and Lucas Q – For working hard on their spelling, punctuation and grammar work. The boys are making super progress.
Grace L – For an excellent attitude towards her learning and a super piece of art work!
Maia G – For being hard working and always trying her best.
Harrison F – For being a great learner! Also Harrison is always polite, well-mannered and enthusiastic.
Alex K – For making a great stained glass butterfly following instructions.




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