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Celebration Assembly

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Children of the Week

Good Behaviour Record w/e 8.3.19

Class R
Cora J, Gabriel S and Elsie K – Excellent enthusiasm and interest spotting and naming 3D shapes.
Harry W – Fantastic effort in phonics.
Enya T – For a super independent sentence with ‘igh’ words in phonics.
Class 1
Seth S – Super attention to detail with his morning work and writing.
Logan B – Fantastic improvement in all aspects of learning.
Meryem U –  and Emilia K – Always working hard and ready to learn and always having a fantastic growth mindset.
Class 2
Thomas K and Evie M – Trying hard with handwriting.
Scarlett S – Making a brilliant castle at home.
Aria N and Max N – Having lovely manners.
Class 3
Nicole B, Pippa C, Sofia D, Gabriel E and Emelina A – Superb fraction work using practical equipment. Good use of tenths.
Louis S – For always having a smile on his face even when he is finding work hard.
Special mention to all of Class 3 for their hard work on the 500 words.
Class 4
Oliver C and Lottie M – Great work in symmetry  this week with Miss Columbine.
Lola Sa and Lola Sm – A super week in school, on task and hardworking all week.
Thomas H – Positive attitude to school and work all week, well done.
Class 5
Olivia E, Erika R, George K and Colby A – A great effort in maths.
Niamh B and Amy N – Excellent writing skills. Always using a neat handwriting style.
Class 6
Harrison C – Been working hard and showing a positive attitude to learning.
Finlay T – Great work in maths.
Connor W – A good attitude towards his learning.
Rosa W – Always works hard and displays a positive attitude.
Ava G – Some great work in maths with measure.
Alexa W – Always has a fantastic attitude towards her learning.


Good Behaviour Record w/e 1.3.19
Class R
Filip S – For confidently writing sentences all by himself.
Anderson B – Working hard to use his pointing finger to make his reading match.
Josie W – For persevering with phonics and becoming much more confident.
Class 1
Lucia G – For settling extremely well into our class this week. She’s had a brilliant first week in school.
Emilia K – For an amazing amount of effort and thought into her written work.
Frida R – Amazing writing! Just WOW!
Sebastian C – Super measuring in maths this week and amazing writing.
Alexander D and George B – Excellent knowledge on growth and fixed mindsets.
Class 2
Amelia NB, Max D and Ruby B – Good work in maths.
Toby W – Showing a keen interest in our ‘castles’ topic.
Class 3
Matthew S – Superb show and tell about pigeons in the war and a superb attitude to learning.
Jack S – Superb ideas about weapons in the stone age.
Daniel M and Luca H – Brilliant survival ideas about stone age survival.
Jemima W – For always being a good friend to others and being kind.
Emma H and Henry GW – For superb scientific knowledge about the skeleton and muscles in the body.
Class 4
Benji G and Olivia D – Super Kenning poems in literacy this week.
Elizabeth G and Isobel N – Being brilliant star workers this week!
Class 5
Charlie B, Kiera, Annabel, Darcy, Colby, Abby, George, Megan, Olivia, Ben, Jack C, Travis, Amy and Charlotte – 100% in the spelling test.
Class 6
Grace – Such a fabulous piece of homework – created a monkey! Additional topic work.
Evie – Lovely artistic homework – additional topic work.
Jacob D – Tried hard with his writing about ‘Alma’ – improved work from first draft.
Lucy – Trying really hard with her literacy work, asking thoughtful questions to improve her skills.
Jacob R – Really pleased with Jacob in reading. Improving his understanding and thinking carefully about finding his evidence.
Louie H – Great ideas in science – linked to evolution.


Good Behaviour Record w/e 15.2.19

Class R
Maria G – Communicating well in maths.
Ruby H and Josie W – Listening and working hard in phonics.
Filip S – Attention and joining in at carpet time and sitting well.
Class 1
Ellie W – Super maths work .
Seb C – For trying hard to improve his handwriting.
Emilia K – For being a super mathematician.
Daniel R – For really challenging himself this week with his maths and written work.
Class 2
Molly W – Improving her handwriting.
Florence C – Excellent effort with all her work.
Scarlett S – Trying hard with spelling.
Max N – Making a really good model of a castle.
Class 3
Jenson S – For a superb effort with reading at ghome – keep it up!
Ava – For brilliant eco-warrior stuff at home.
Elsie L – For being a kind and generous friend to others.
Albert R – For having an excellent attitude towards his learning.
Bella H – For trying really hard with her reading – keep it up!
Lily K – For being well organised in class. Well done.
Class 4
Henrietta T, Thomas H and Iestyn C – All had a good week, trying really hard in all our tests and concentrated well through the week too.
Macy P – Super effort in reading aloud, using expression and giving her opinions/thoughts.
Class 5
George and Oliver – A great effort with their writing.
Albert – Making good progress with his reading.
Darcy and Erika – Working well with a homework task about their pets.
Charlie M – Working on his topic project at home.
Class 6
Casey H – For completing extra work at home. Well done.
Louie H – For his fantastic defensive performance during Benchball comp at PGS.
Jacob R – For working hard on his reading comprehension skills.
Kathryn R – For being a pleasure to teach – Kathryn’s attitude is excellent.
Ava G – For a great attitude to learning and always being friendly and happy.
Michael H – For producing some pleasing pieces of writing.

Good Behaviour Record w/e 8.2.19

Class R
Isabelle W – For always giving everything she does her very best effort.
Harry W – For being so enthusiastic about the dragon dancing and working so hard on the big  dragon face.
Gabriel S – Good work sequencing numbers sequencing numbers from 10-20
Class 1
Ellie Mae P – Always persevering with a task when it is difficult.
Lawrie R – Trying hard to improve his handwriting.
Ella N – Working hard in PE to find different ways of travelling.
Class 2
Lucy D and Hannah R – A fantastic effort with writing.
Toby W and Ruby B – Lovely art work.
Class 3
Harrison C, Oscar K, Ben H, Lily K, Jemima W and Annie C – For all having a superb knowledge about how to keep safe on the internet and producing really eye-catching posters.
Class 4
Isobel N and Isobel H – Excellent effort in swimming this week, already moved up a group!
Jasmine MC – A great effort with her story writing last week.
Noah S – Really impressed with his reading in group, very fluent and confident.
Illia N – Super work in maths this week.
Class 5
Charlie M – An excellent piece of writing about Yorkshire.
Annabel S – Taking a keen interest in her own learning.
Frank R – Great effort in PE.
Abby M – Brilliant skills in netball.
Class 6
Jakob L – Did well when performing poetry.
Jacob D – Great work in reading.
Alex K – Good ideas for poetry.
Jessica S – Being so helpful.
Mia G – Such creative work.



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