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Celebration Assembly

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Children of the Week


Good behaviour Record w/e 2.2.18
Class R
Anna W – For being a fabulous, careful writer.
Alexander D – For writing some rules for the sand area – completely independently.
Stanley B – For great effort and enthusiasm in all activities.
Seb C – For very enthusiastic reading and writing.
Class 1
Freya R and Ruby SF – A positive attitude to learning all week.
Zayd BN and Aria N – A  great effort with independent writing.
Class 2
Henry GW – Excellent reading and comprehension skills.
Lottie R – A superb drawing of a house in the Great Fire of London.
Matthew S – Excellent knowledge in our DT project, Wheels & Axles.
Riley H – Excellent answers in our hot seating questions and answers.
Class 3
Caitlin – Superb attitude and fantastic answers in reading.
Harry and Noah – Superb enthusiastic attitude and always have their hands up with an answer.
Iestyn and Isobel N – Fantastic knowledge about our topic.
Class 4
Ava B, Ben S and Isobel Mc – All three have such a sensible attitude to work and always work hard, try their best and they are all always ready for work. Super role models
Joshua M – An enthusiastic approach to his learning in class this week, always keen and interested.
Class 5
Mia, Phoebe and Jessica P – Attending the Holocaust Memorial Day celebration.
Grace, Ava and Thomas C – A great effort in maths.
Ruby, Rosa and Lucy – Working hard to improve their writing.
Harrison C – A great effort in PE.
Class 6
Arjun B – Always ready to learn.
Sophie B – Being attentive and ready to learn.
Wiliam C – The font of all knowledge in class topics.
Madalane G – Being organised and always working hard in class.
Ava L – Writing a super letter in literacy.
Sam O – Producing work to a high standard and always ready to learn.


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