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Celebration Assembly

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Children of the Week

Good Behaviour w/e 15.9.17

Class R
Daniel R – For always listening carefully and following instructions.
Alexander D – For independently writing a label to go with his model.
Meryem U – For settling so well into Class R.
Stanley B – For using lovely manners at all times.
Holly C – For independently writing a label to go with her play doh model.
Class 1

Ruby B and Evie M – Always being ready to learn.
Amelia NB – Super work in phonics.
Max N – Super reading.
Class 2

Ben H – Fantastic scientific knowledge on our living and non-living walk.
Emelina A – Fabulous writing using her imagination and using commas in a list for the first time.
Tommy H – For really trying hard to sound out tricky words.
Class 3
Isobel H – Superb teamwork and skipping skills in PE.
Lottie M – Superb art work and patience.
Lola S – For being a superb member of Class 3 and an excellent role model.
Benji G – For having a mature and patient attitude towards his art work.
Qausaiyn M – For always putting 100% effort in everything he does.
Harry D – For always having his hand up with a well thought out answer.
Class 4
Abby Mc – Outstanding behaviour and attitude in class to all her work.
Amelia T – Working hard and always having a smile on her face.
Jack D – Super colour mixing in art this week for his self-portrait.
Joel Ch – Asking excellent questions on our visit to the church on Wednesday morning.
Class 5
Grace L, Mia G, Evie AM and Kathryn R – Fantastic artists.
Connor W and Max W – A great effort with their writing.
Class 6
Class 6 at Robinwood this week.


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