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Summer Term 1 – Relationships


owl relationshipsThe overall focus for this half term’s Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning is Relationships.  Over this half term the children will be considering the important relationships in their lives and some of the feelings that go with these.  This will build on the work about feelings carried out during last half-term as part of Good to be Me.

Part of exploring relationships will involve the children thinking about feelings of loss, and understanding what these mean. Some children will have only limited experience of loss but others will have experienced bereavement and parents’ separation or divorce. For most children it will be very valuable to have an opportunity to think about these issues. For some children, though, this might be more difficult – for example if they have experienced a recent loss – and you might like to talk about that with your child’s teacher.

In the next few weeks I will post some activities on here that you might like to follow up on at home with your child. These will encourage your child tell you about what we have been doing in school, suggest some things to do together and provide some ideas for you to try out in your family.

We will be happy to talk about this with you if you would like to.

Week 1 = Can you recognise feelings of love and caring?

Thinking about the people we love and care about is important.  Developing strong relationships with them will include learning to deal with upsets that will happen along the way with them.  It is good for children to explore their feelings around the ups and downs in relationships

  • I know the people who are important to me.
  •  I can tell when I feel cared for and when I love or care for someone.
  • I can tell you the things that hurt my feelings.
  • I can tell you when something is my fault and can take responsibility for my behaviour.
  • I can think about what embarrasses me.
  • I can learn something about me I didn’t know before.

Week 2 – Do you know what your feelings are telling you?

Feelings are something that we all have and sometimes people react to them without ever trying to work out what lies beneath them.  Helping children to understand more about their own feelings  is an important part of helping them to take much more positive control when they have feelings they don’t like.

  • I can tell you how I feel if I am missing someone or have lost someone or something I care about.
  • I understand that being unkind or hurting others doesn’t help me feel better.
  • I can tell you about my feelings including when I feel happy, sad, jealous and embarrassed.
  •  I understand that different people deal with feelings of loss in different ways.

Thinking about special times together is a good way to begin to talk about relationships.  You might want to use the Special Times worksheet together which can be downloaded here – Our Special Times Together


Organisation of assemblies

We love to celebrate our children and their learning and one way we do this is within assemblies.  Within each assembly we also undertake the legal daily act of collective worship within which we join together to reflect and to give thanks for all that’s good in the world.  We hold 5 assemblies a week:

Monday – Introducing the focus for the week.

Tuesday – Class based assembly related to the focus.

Wednesday – Singing assembly.

Thursday – Key Stage assembly based on current affairs.

Friday – Celebration assembly.

During the week, teachers choose children to take part in celebration assembly and they then enjoy coming out in assembly and receiving recognition for whatever it is they’ve done well in.

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