Silkstone Primary School

helping children realise their gifts and talents

Autumn Term 1 New Beginnings

New Beginnings!


We have a different focus for the school each week based on the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning.  You can support your child by chatting about this at home.  The overall focus for this half term is New Beginnings!

We’ll give a few ideas each week about how you can help support SEAL work at home.  You can also download an activity book that you might want to dip into during the half term with your child: SEAL New Begininnings family activities

You can also find out more about how Circle Time is used in school to support children’s social and emotional development by downloading Circle Time

Our focus for each week is:

Week 1: How do you feel about your new beginning?

* What are you most looking forward to?
* What can you do to make the best of your new beginning?
* What would you like other people to do to make the new beginning successful for all?
* Do you have any concerns about your new beginning?
* Who could you talk to about your concerns?

Week 2: Can you make other people feel a welcome part of our community?

* It’s good to belong to a community
* Everyone is an important part of our school community
* Our community is safe and fair
* It’s important that we all feel that people like us and want us to be part of the community
* We can help to make everyone feel part of our community by being kind and by showing respect

Week 3: Understanding rights and responsibilities – Do you show respect for the rights of others?

* We all have a right to feel safe and to be treated fairly in school
* We also had the responsibility to help make our school a safe and fair place
* It’s never right to make our school feel unsafe or unfair for anyone
* Our Golden Rules are important as they help us learn and play together
* We can learn strategies to try to change things in a fair way if we don’t agree with them

Week 4: Self-awareness – Do you know what your special gifts and talents are?

* Everyone has some things that are the same as other people
* Everyone has something special about them
* We should all know what’s special about ourselves
* It’s good to know what’s special about other people

Week 5: Understanding our own feelings – Can you explain how you’re feeling?

* We all have feelings and all feel happy, sad, excited and scared sometimes
* Feelings are our friends and we should listen to them
* It’s okay to have any feeling but not okay to behave in any way we like if it hurts ourselves or others
* When we know what the feeling is telling us we can use it to help us decide what to do

Week 6: Managing our own feelings – Can you use strategies to help you calm down?

* Feeling scared or upset is uncomfortable and stressful
* Feeling calm is the opposite of this
* Everyone can learn strategies to help themselves feel calmer
* Using calming down strategies makes it easier to cope with stressful feelings

Week 7: Understanding the feelings of others – Can you make other people feel good about themselves?

* Everyone in the world has similar feelings
* You can usually tell when someone is feeling sad or scared by how they look, what they do and what they say
* We can learn ways to make others feel better when they are sad or scared
* Helping people to feel welcome and valued makes our community stronger

Week 8: Social skills – Can you use strategies to help groups who are playing or working be more successful?

*It’s fair to take turns
*Joining in with others who are playing a game is good
*Letting people join in is kind
* Letting people know what you like about them makes them feel good
* Accepting a compliment feels good for both people
*We can learn strategies to become better at working in a group


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