Silkstone Primary School

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Autumn 2 – Getting on and falling out


Over this half-term we will be helping the children to learn about and understand friendship and the best ways of learning together.


Week 1 – Friendship

  • I know how to be friendly
  • I can tell you what being a good friend means to me
  • I can say nice things to other people
  • I know how to receive a compliment
  • I know that differences can sometimes be a barrier to friendship
  • I make a real effort to be friendly with other people

Week 2 – Seeing things from another point of view

  • I know that people don’t always see things in the same way
  • I understand how it might feel to be treated badly because you see things differently to other people
  • I can see things from someone else’s point of view

Week 3 – Say No to Bullying

  • I know we all belong in our school
  • I can tell you some ways in which children can be unkind and bully others
  • I can tell you how it feels to be bullied
  • I can be kind to children who have been bullied
  • I know some people in an out of school who I can talk to if someone is bullied

Week 4 – Working Together

  • I can work and play with others
  • I can take turns and share
  • I can talk to others about how well we are doing as a group
  • I can tell you some things about how to be a good leader
  • I can tell people if I agree with them and why
  • I can listen to other people’s ideas

Week 5 – Managing feelings of anger

  • I can explain how my body feels when I’m angry
  • I know what triggers my anger
  • I know some ways to calm down when I feel angry
  • I know I’m responsible for the choices I make even when I’m angry
  • I can stop and try to get a full picture before I react

Week 6 – Resolving Conflict

  • I can make up when I’ve fallen out with a friend
  • I can use peaceful problem solving to sort out problems so that both people feel okay.
  • I know what things make conflict worse
  • I can help others see things from a different point of view to help resolve conflict
  • I always try to find a win-win solution

If you’d like to continue work on this at home, there are some great activities here Getting on and Falling Out family activities

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