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Phonics Fun

Children learn to read in different ways.  For some it’s a very straight forward journey, where they seem to pick new words with ease and quickly learn to immerse themselves in a book.  For others it’s a more difficult journey.  At Silkstone Primary School, we believe it’s our job to work with you to ensure that learning to read is exciting and fun for all children.  We know that learning to read and write is a journey.  For some the journey is easily navigated, exciting and fun. We know that if the path becomes hard, confusing and frightening that children may want to give up.  We also know that when there is a consistent, systematic, whole school approach to using Letters and Sounds, it provides a powerful tool to ensure all children enjoy learning to read and write successfully.  By teaching skills in structured, incremental steps, and by ensuring they are over learnt and embedded in real writing and real reading, all our children are successful.

We have developed a number of very useful resources within school to help children develop their phonic understanding.  You are welcome to use them at home.  Please talk to your child’s class teacher if you’re not sure which phase your child is working at.

Early Reading and Writing This booklet provides an introduction to the way we teach early reading and writing in school.  It also gives some very useful tips to support you when you are working with your child at home.

The Letters and Sounds Phonic Phases

phase 2 phonics     phase 3 phonics     phase 4 phonics     phase 5 phonics   These attachments will show you the sounds and key words that your child will be learning  in their daily phonics lessons.

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