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Reading policy 2018

Writing policy 2018

Overview of Reading Skills Focus




2014 English Curriculum coverage vocabulary grammar and punctuation overview

 2014 English Curriculum coverage composition overview

 2014 English Curriculum coverage transcription overview




Time to Reflect On Our Own Learning

Through our marking and feedback, we are focusing on praising the children for what they have done well, while ensuring they understand which steps they need to take next in order to further develop their learning.  We are looking at how we can give children more time to reflect on their own learning and respond to adult feedback or advice.

We are continuing to help pupils understand and track their own progress through individual writing targets, which are based on the outcomes of frequent whole school writing assessments.

Boys’ Writing

At Silkstone we are currently looking at ways in which we can really motivate our boys (we have lots of them!) so that they can continue to develop a greater enjoyment of writing.  We are exploring lots of exciting ideas, such as the use of drama, ICT and interesting topic based writing to ensure that both our boys and girls are raring to write.

Parent Volunteers to Support Whole School Reading

We are presently looking for parent volunteers who would be able to support small groups of children or individual pupils, during our whole school reading sessions (9:00-9:30).  If you could possibly spare half an hour or so on a regular weekly basis, we would love you to come and work with us; either return the slip in your child’s book bag or pop in to see the class teacher.

A BIG THANK YOU to all the adult volunteers who have offered to help us with our reading!   Hopefully, you have now been contacted by the class teacher to arrange for you to come and join our reading sessions.  Your help is really appreciated by both the children and staff!


We know that good phonics development is crucial for most children in learning to read and write. We intend to add useful resources to the website to help parents when they are supporting children at home.

Remember to check out the links to the phonics phases key words and sounds in our Phonics Fun section of the blog:

Click on the link to have a look at our displays and some of the fantastic work our children have been doing.            
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar

Writing will be tested in a different way this year in Year 6.  Please download the information sheet below if you would like to find out more.