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At Silkstone Primary School our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our children and our local community. We aim to inspire our children with a love for learning and for life.  Our curriculum is planned to enable children to build a strong and broad foundation of knowledge and skills to support their transition to high school and beyond.  We want them to be critical thinkers, to question and to care as they develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive in our complex world.

Our curriculum is underpinned by three key drivers

  • Culture and diversity – an understanding of the world that we live in
  • Social responsibility – to be active citizens
  • Health – to be physically and mentally healthy



We are currently assessing the content and delivery of our curriculum. We want to ensure that the structure and sequence of our teaching over time provides effective learning opportunities and that our curriculum drivers are fully embedded.  Our aim is for children to acquire knowledge that is underpinned with a depth of understanding that will enable them to make connections to develop their learning.

We recognise the importance of metacognition and particularly the role of evaluation and reflection in developing effective learning behaviours. This is a key focus of development for the school.  We are also reviewing how lessons are delivered to increase opportunities for collaborative learning.


Curriculum Coverage

As a maintained school we follow the National Curriculum. We follow the Literacy and Numeracy strategies.

Literacy Coverage

Numeracy Coverage

We use Letters and Sounds to teach phonics in our Reception and Key Stage One classes. Our reading spine begins with Phonics Bug in Reception Class with children then moving onto the Oxford Reading Tree scheme. We also use Rigby Star books for Guided reading in school.  In Key Stage Two we use a wide variety of texts to develop reading skills and a love of reading.

We use the Power of Reading scheme as a base for our English teaching, which has a strong focus on the use of high quality texts to underpin learning.

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