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Adverse Weather Plan

Winter weather is fast approaching and hopefully we will all have easy and safe journeys through the bad weather.  We will endeavour to open the schools every day to make sure that children and their learning come first.  However, if the School’s Leadership Team feels that the weather would put children and adults at risk, we will take appropriate steps to minimise this.

The steps taken may include:

  • Opening school as normal whilst delaying registration;
  • Closing the school when it is not safe to open.

We take a number of factors into consideration when making any decision relating to school opening/closure including:

  • Current weather conditions
  • Forecast conditions up to school closing times
  • Availability of staff
  • Availability of key non-teaching staff (premises and catering)
  • Possibility of injury

There are 4 ways you can find out about our decision if we decide to close:

  1. We will send a text so please make sure we have your most up to date number, (sometimes when the service is busy it can take a while for the messages to be arrive on your phone)
  2. Updates will be posted on the school website
  3. Listen to Dearne FM 102 and 97.1 or check their website on
  4. Via information on the Barnsley website

If it does snow but we feel that it is still safe to be open, please send your child(ren) in suitable clothing so that they can make the most of the weather and go outside to play during the day.


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safeAs you know, Mrs Dolan will be taking her maternity leave very shortly and will be away from school for most of the school year. Changes have, therefore, been made in relation to safeguarding. These new posters will be around school to remind you about the safeguarding arrangements for this year.

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Key Stage 2 SAT results 2015

We are delighted to share with you this year’s SATs results which are fantastic and truly something to celebrate. They really are the icing on the cake at the end of a wonderful year in school.    The leadership team, all our staff and governing body strive for excellence in all aspects of our work and work tirelessly to create a wonderfully welcoming school in which all our children thrive, progress and achieve their potential in all aspects of their school experience.   Those of you who attended the KS2  production of Hoodwinked last week will have had the joy of sharing in that.

Before I share our SATs results, you may wonder why some years our results are better than others?   The answer to this question lies in an aspect of our school’s values of which we are extremely proud and which is at the heart of what makes our school so special and truly a school with soul.

We believe strongly in celebrating and enjoying diversity in all its forms.  As part of this we welcome children whatever their ability level and whatever challenges they may face in their lives and in their learning.  Children have different starting points, learn at different rates and face different challenges and this means that some children will not reach the national expectation as reported in the league tables.  Yet every single child is special to us and we work with unstinting effort and therefore  ensure that all our children thrive and grow in confidence, determination and skill as they realise their potential and achieve success.

We believe that our inclusive approach brings a greater richness to all our children’s lives as they learn to recognise, understand and appreciate differences.   At the same time, we ensure all our children thrive as we take the time to get to know each child as an individual whilst also taking real pleasure in meeting their needs whatever their ability.

In the years when our SATs results appear on the surface to be less favourable, we are heartened by the knowledge that our parents, families, governors and the local authority maintain their full confidence in the work we do and whole-heartedly support us as we continuously strive to ensure all our children flourish. Each and every one of our children is unique and special and each deserves the very best we give.

We hope this helps put our results into context.  The summary below is of the externally assessed SATs (Reading Maths and English: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling), and the detailed results will be posted to the school website in due course.  We hope that you will agree that this year’s results are truly worthy of celebration and join with us in offering our huge congratulations to every single one of our very special children, to you as families and to our staff team for all their dedication and hard work!    Very well done to everyone.

Silkstone Primary School

Key Stage 2 Test results 2015

Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Grammar, punctuation and spelling School 2015 15% 67% 19%
National 2014 24% 49% 4%
Reading School 2015 33% 67% 0%
National 2014 39% 49% 0%
Maths School 2015 22% 44% 30%
National 2014 44% 33% 9%

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Our school song

I am delighted to let you know that Class 6 have been fortunate enough to work alongside the fabulous and multi-talented Catherine Ranus to write our very own school song!

The creativity, collaboration, determination and unstinting effort that went into crafting every word and note of the song so that it really did capture a typical school day, and the children’s feelings about our school, was truly inspirational!

It was fantastic to hear it played by so many talented musicians and sung by the whole class and now Catherine has taken it away to produce a backing track so that the children can practise together before we record the final version in a couple of weeks time. You can be sure, I’ll be sharing the song with you as soon as it’s ready – we’re all very excited about it!

If you work in another school, I can’t recommend Catherine highly enough.  She is a very talented musician but also works incredibly well with children to really allow their talents to flourish.  You can find out more about Catherine’s work via her website  or on facebook .

If you would like to see a few more pictures of Class 6 at work with Catherine, please click on the photograph below.

school song


Our school councillors have been involved in awarding a £2.2million school meals contract

Zahara and Daniel, two of our school councillors, have been carrying out a very important role in working with school councillors from other schools and the Procurement Officers at Barnsley Council to help evaluate tenders for a £2.2 million contract for the supply of a school meals service to nine primary schools in Barnsley.

Eight pupils from four primary schools supported the process by forming a panel which interviewed the companies bidding to supply a school meals service from 1st April 2015.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet spokesperson for People (Achieving Potential) explained, “Part of the process saw the bidders presenting to a group of school and council officers, after which they met the young people themselves to answer questions the pupils had prepared in advance based on what the children wanted from their school meals service. The pupils scored all the responses, and these will go towards the final evaluation. The young people are the customers and they wanted to have a say about their lunchtime experience.”

We are so proud of our children for taking part in such an important process and because of the fantastic way they represented our school.

Well done to all of the children from all of the schools, you’re a credit to Barnsley.


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Say No to bullying

Over the last couple of weeks, throughout school, we’ve been involved in learning related to national anti-bullying week.  As a result of this, we’ve decided to add some things about bullying to our website so that everyone is really clear about what bullying is and the steps that should be taken to help if you are worried about bullying.  As part of this information, we’ve also included an exciting update on some special training we’ve been undertaking with our year 6 children.  If you’d like to know more about what Year 6 are doing and to find out more about how to deal with bullying, please follow this link to our Say NO to bullying page.


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Curriculum 2014

As many of you will be aware, the new national curriculum was launched in schools throughout the country in September 2014.  In preparation for this, all of our subject leaders spent a great deal of time finding out about the new requirements in their areas and I have to tell you they were excited about the opportunities presented by the changes required!  Each leader was able to make plans for implementation and to lead inset with the rest of staff to ensure the changes in their subject were understood by everyone and that teachers developed appropriate plans for the new academic year.

Mrs Simon, who is a member of our leadership team with responsibility for the curriculum overall, has had a huge part to play in this development.  Over the summer holiday she was incredibly busy ensuring all the plans met the requirements whilst also ensuring they had the potential to engage and motivate our children.  She was also hard at work creating a new section of the website dedicated to the new curriculum which can all be found under the curriculum tab.  Within these pages you can find policies and plans including specific learning maps for each year group.  This information has been put on the website to support parents and families in the very valuable work we know you do at home to support your children’s learning.

We’d also like to share with you a very useful guide to parents on the new curriculum.  It’s quite a lengthy document but well worth reading.  If you don’t have time to read it all, it would still be extremely useful to read the introduction and to then dip into different sections as and when you need them.  To download this guide, please follow this link Parents Complete Guide to the National Curriculum

Many thanks to Mrs Simon and all of our teachers for investing so much of their own time into ensuring the new curriculum is not only well-planned but will also lead to meaningful, motivating and memorable learning experiences for all!


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Universal Infant Free School Meals

From September 2014 all Infant age pupils (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2) are entitled to receive a free school meal. Research has shown that healthy free school meals improve children’s learning.

What you need to do

We are asking parents and guardians whose children go to school in Barnsley and have a statutory entitlement to Free School Meals to complete the form below. We will then be able to confirm whether the school is entitled to claim Pupil Premium for your child.

Completing this form could raise money for the school as the Government has committed to pay funding known as Pupil Premium for each primary child registered. This money can then be used to fund valuable support in school.

Even if you don’t want your child to receive a free school meal we would ask you to complete the form so that the school receives the funding it is entitled to.

Entitlement to free school meals form

Pupil premium

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Exciting updates are ready to view!

Last week was a short week in school but my goodness me it was an exciting one!

To catch up with the pictures and reports about the children’s learning, please follow this link to Mrs Skilbeck’s inspirations.

To find out who our outstanding children of the week were, visit our celebration assemblies.

If you’d like to find out more about e-safety measures you can take at home and the work we do in school to support e-safety, please follow this link.