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Mrs Morgan

We would like to extend a warm welcome to Mrs Jo Morgan, who has joined our school as our new Class Six Teacher.  Jo is an experienced Key Stage 2 teacher, having taught in schools in Kirklees and Wakefield.  In addition to teaching Class Six Jo will also be leading Art across the school and supporting our achievement of the Artsmark.

Welcome Mrs Morgan, we hope that you will enjoy being part of our school community.

Goodbye to Class 6

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Leaver’s Poem


I have loved my time here at Silkstone Primary as I have laughed every day, enjoyed every moment and cherished every memory.  I have written a poem to share my special memories with you all.  I hope you enjoy it.     Mia G


I held your hand so tight, on that first school day

I was so scared of everything, I begged you to stay

As you pushed me gently in, through the huge school door,

I saw Mrs Murray’s face, beaming a smile to reassure

Before you went you whispered, ‘Put your trust in them, trust them like I do, they will be a family, they will love you like I do’


It was so hard to let you go, in the very beginning, but all too soon it became a blur of playing, laughing, singing.

Not all days were happy here, we’ve been through some tough times

This taught me much of friendship and the value of being kind.


I told you, ‘I’ve put my trust in them, I’ve given them my heart,

Seven years together, never shall we part’


As I look back some memories ago,

Many stand out from the rest, like Miss Arnold’s paper chairs, which put parents to the test.

I’ll miss Miss Felton’s red tank top, come sun, snow or breeze

and Mr Simon teaching us, the crafty elbow sneeze!


This is what we say, ‘ we trust each other now, like a family would, we have each other’s backs through the bad times and the good’


As this chapter draws to a close, look at what I have achieved!

My confidence has bloomed and I’m starting to believe, anything is possible if I give with all my heart.

As I take this next important step, my next journey will start.

My final thought for you,

‘Put your trust in me,

Trust I will be true, to everything I have learnt here,

And to all I learnt from you.




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Viking Boats

Class 4 made a great job of their clay Viking boats. They designed their own sails and then crafted their individual boats out of clay. Each one has its own ‘dragon’ head and tail and some even have shields and oars! The mast and sails were then attached to the boats. They turned out really well!