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Festival of Visual Literacy

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ASCEL (Association of Senior Children’s and Education Librarians) Yorkshire and the Humber branch have worked together through Arts Council funding to bring you a festival of visual literacy.

Working with visual and creative digital artists and key partners of book illustrators Reading Pictures: Seeing Stories will give children and young people the opportunity to meet and learn from illustrators and artists; to explore the connection between literacy and the visual arts and offer children and families not usually engaged with the arts the chance to discover the power of pictures.

Visual literacy is the ability to see, understand and interpret images, much as literacy is the ability to read and derive meaning from texts. Visual literacy is an important skill for understanding visual media that can lead to enhanced performance of other intellectual tasks and builds the ability to interpret and evaluate information and messages.

From an early age, children draw from their everyday observation of the world around them in order to learn. In today’s visually saturated environment, they must develop the skills to decode, think critically and communicate about the images around them.

The ability to ‘read’ images can help young people to navigate and make sense of their world.

Primary aged children are invited to attend as number of Barnsley events, running  as part of the festival, throughout November. Please see for details of events and how to book.

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