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‘Nature Area’ – VOTING PLEASE!

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Dear Parents,
As you know we are developing the wild area next to the playground with the help of Twiggs.  We have applied for an Aviva bid to fund some gardening equipment and seating for the area.  Our successful bid is dependent on votes.  Please could you take the time to log on to the site below and vote for our project and also share the link with family and friends.  It will be a fantastic resource for all children once the area is completed and really support our outdoor learning.
Our project for the funding to improve the music room nature area is now live for voting. Please vote for us. If you register – which is quick, easy and free to do you should get 10 votes which you can use in one go on our project. The more votes we get the more chance we get of winning the funding. Once on the Aviva site it is called ‘Nature area Silkstone Primary’ Hopefully this link will take you straight there.
Thank you
Our school is a small village school we host regular events to try and boost funds as we do not receive much funding locally. We are and always have been proud of how all the parents and pupils get involved and pull together to raise funds to try and make the children’s ideas/dreams come true!

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