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Multi Skills

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Our Year 1&2 children took part in a Multi Skills competition on Monday 8th October at Penistone Grammar School.12 teams took part in the competition,  where the teams got the opportunity to challenge themselves on a variety of activities to gain as many points as possible for their team. It was great to see all the children getting stuck in and putting their skills to the test and seeing them all smile and support their team mates throughout.

Both our teams showed off some brilliant skills, with our Year 2 team being crowned overall winners and Year 1 finishing as one of the runners up in their first competition. Well done to both teams.

  1. Team Fire (Silkstone Primary)
  2. Silkstone Common Fireballs
  3. Springvale Superstars


  • Thurgoland Dragons
  • Silkstone Smashers
  • Cawthorne Lucky Lightning
  • Super Rockets (Thurlstone)
  • Thurgoland Sharks
  • Lucky Owls (Thurlstone)
  • Cawthorne Snakes
  • Oxspring Owls
  • Penistone Superheroes

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