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Celebration Assembly

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Don’t forget to check out our Children of the Week by opening the link at the top of the page : Learning/Assemblies/Celebration Assembly.
The list of our wonderful achievers who have shone this week (not only in their attitude and effort towards their learning but also in their behaviour and kindness towards other members of our school) will be updated every week.
Make sure you log in regularly to celebrate the joy we all share with their success.

These are the lists for the first two weeks of this term. In future you will be able to find the current list by following the above mentioned link.


Good Behaviour Record w/e 14.9.18

Class R
Sam W – For listening carefully and following instructions.
Theo P – For always using super manners.
Maria G and Amelia W – For being kind and caring friends.
Class 1
Penny H, Fleur M and Florence DS – For all working extremely hard all week.
Anna W – For being very kind.
Class 2
Christopher P and Scarlett S – Making a big effort with handwriting.
Molly W and Reuben Q – Working hard all week.
Class 3
Gabriel, Sofia, Bella, Lily, Lewis, Jenson, Matthew and Abigail – For really improving the scores in their 2x table test.
Class 4
Henrietta T – Being helpful around the classroom and having a sensible attitude.
Ilia N – Super Roman Numerals work.
Macy P and Oliver C – Being hardworking and sensible at all times.
Violet DS – Giving her best in all lessons………….a star worker!
Class 5
Isobel M – Being kind, considerate and well mannered.
Joel C – Asking a range of very interesting questions.
Megan W – Making a good effort with her writing.
Emily S – Excellent writing skills.
Albert S – Making a great effort in maths.

Class 6 were away at Robinwood.


Good Behaviour Record w/e 7.9.18

Class 1
Frankie C, William L, Ben D, Beau K and Daniel R – Always been ready to learn and following our golden rules.
Frida R and Anna W – Including excellent detail in their work this week.
Class 2
Evie M, Ruby B and Elsie B – Helping other children with gymnastics.
Amelia F and Max D – A great attitude to learning.
Class 3
Albert R – For concentrating well in class.
Joseph B – For always working hard and concentrating well.
Oscar K – For working really hard in class
Jenson S and Jemima W – For being good role models and becoming school councillors.
Lilly K – For having a good first week at our school!
Class 4
Lottie M, Noah S, Isobel N and Cleo H – All a very good start to class 4. On the ball, trying hard, listening and working quietly. A super start!
Class 5
Ava B and Charlie B – An excellent effort in maths.
Frank R – Settled well into class 5
Jack D – For being kind and sensible in school.
Amy N – A  great help in class this week.
Class 6
Ibrahim U and Jakob L – Fantastic painting skills – self portrait.
Kaid G – Super art work – self portrait, fantastic likeness to his photograph.
Jessica S – Writing an acrostic poem. Super literacy skills.
Maia G – A fantastic acrostic poem and handwriting skills.
Casey H – A super effort with handwriting all week. Well done Casey!

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