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‘Dragon Days’

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We have no doubt that many of you are more than aware that this year the KS2 production is “Dragon Days” There will be two performances, the first one on Wednesday, 11 July commencing at 6.00pm and the second one on Thursday, 12 July at 1.30pm. All of KS2 children will be part of the production in some shape or form.

First time parents of Year 3 pupils – please be aware that your child will be a part of the production. Class letters will be sent home with further details.

Only parents of children in KS2 are invited to one of the two performances. Children in Foundation and Key Stage 1 will attend the dress rehearsal.

There are 125 children in Key Stage 2 and we anticipate that most families will want to see one of the performances therefore tickets are initially limited to 2 per family. Due to fire regulations we do have to account for babies and toddlers attending the performance, they too will require a ticket.

There will be a small charge of £2.00 per ticket (to cover the cost of costumes, the performance license and props). Purchase of tickets will be via Parent Pay.

Tickets for Wednesday’s performance will go on sale Monday, 18 June.

Tickets for Thursday’s performance will go on sale Monday, 25 June.

Any additional tickets will be allocated w/c 2nd July with Year 6 parents having priority.

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