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Labyrinth Garden

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Planting is underway in our wonderful Labyrinth Garden, designed and created by John Hislop, to commemorate the Huskar Pit disaster.  The Labyrinth will be planted with herbs and flowers that would have been growing around the local area at the time of the disaster and includes 26 Rosemary plants in remembrance of the 26 children.  We have been incredibly fortunate to have John leading this project.  He has devoted many hours to create a beautiful garden.  Horsfield Nursery very generously donated all the plants and herbs and Myers Building Supplies kindly donated the core materials and gravel.  The sculptor, Jim Milner, selected and carved the magnificent stone, on which the names of the 26 children, who perished, will be written.  The garden will be officially opened on Wednesday the 4th of July.  We are looking forward to watching it flourish.

One thought on “Labyrinth Garden

  1. Hi,
    Loved this atricle. Especially the point about labyrinth garden
    Sharing this on facebook and pinterest

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