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Tour de Yorkshire

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What a wonderful day it turned out to be on Friday. The atmosphere in Silkstone was brilliant with most of the village turning out to watch the cyclists as they raced through our part of town. All the children were so excited and showed their enthusiasm with their cheering and waving.
The fun started with the arrival of the caravan entourage just before lunch and everyone was amazed at the number of vehicles passing by. It was strangely emotional and many of the adults were found to be fighting back the tears as the ‘parade’ brought an unexpected feeling of much-needed joy.
After lunch the whole school set out once more to await the arrival of the cyclists. They were not to be disappointed and yet again a happy wave spread through all the onlookers. Police and support outriders did a marvellous job controlling the traffic and thrilled the crowd with the blast of their sirens and their shouts and waves to the children.
The sound of the helicopter overhead could be heard just before the bikers came into view. There was cheering, shouting and flag waving from everyone in the crowd, showing their support and encouragement for the riders who still had a long journey ahead of them.
Too soon they had all passed by and raced onwards towards Ilkley, but not before they had sprinkled an amazing feeling of warmth and well-being on all those who had come to watch. The feel good atmosphere continued into the evening and no doubt will be a talking point for a long time to come. Yes, Friday turned out to be a wonderful day!

Any photos of children enjoying the day will be posted next week.

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