Silkstone Primary School

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Mr Victor Fleming

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With regret we would like to inform you that Victor Fleming, who held the post of head teacher at Silkstone Primary School for 23 years, died on November 1st at Barnsley Hospice.
Mr Fleming was a well respected member of our school whose leadership skills and dedication to teaching earned him admiration amongst staff, parents, children and other schools in the area.

He was well valued in the community for his enthusiasm towards the welfare of our school and the education of our children.
His office door was never closed and his happy friendly attitude towards everyone meant that he always found time to listen to anyone who needed support or advice. He found great pleasure in teaching and looked forward to Wednesday afternoons when he fully immersed himself in his Design and Technology lessons, imparting his knowledge whilst encouraging the children’s creativity. On a daily basis he could always be found at 1 o’clock in the hall listening to children read during the school reading half hour.
He could always be relied on, when needed, to cover any class at a moments notice making the lack of disruption to children’s learning his priority.
Mr Fleming loved making the school a warm and welcoming place especially at times such as Christmas and Harvest when he helped to decorate the hall and would personally add extra finishing touches to make it a special and wonderful time for everyone attending our events. He was also a strong support for the PTA and was actively involved in all their fundraising activities.
He retired in 2005 and will be fondly remembered by many pupils, families and staff who came into contact with him over the years.
We send our sincere condolences to his wife and family at this sad time.

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