Silkstone Primary School

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Show and Tell

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Show and tell is an important part of school life. It encourages children to be confident in front of an ‘audience’ and to be able to talk about something that is important to them. Everybody loves to learn something about their friends, whether it is about their hobby, a pet, a holiday, art work or something else.
Class 4 had their first show and tell session this week with three very different topics. ‘N’ brought in a photo of herself and her sister with their unusual pet rabbits, Amber (a continental giant) and Arnold (a French Lop). ‘A’ brought her souvenir photo album which she received when she went on a family tour of Old Trafford, the Manchester United ground. ‘H’ brought in a bottle of ‘potion’ he had made and was very specific in explaining exactly what it contained.
After talking about their items all three children answered lots of questions from their interested class mates.

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