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Fairer funding for schools – reply from Angela Smith MP; and Penistone Grammar School on Channel 4 News

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We have now received a reply to our letter to Angela Smith MP on fairer funding for schools, referred to in our blog post of 15 February 2017.  Angela Smith’s reply includes a copy of the letter she has sent to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, on our behalf, asking for more funds to be allocated to schools in his Budget on 8 March 2017.


In addition, Penistone Grammar School ALC’s campaign to highlight its funding crisis that we referred to in our blog posts of 18 and 28 February has now reached the national news.  Last night’s Channel 4 News included a 15 minute piece on school funding including a feature on PGS in which Jo Higgins (Principal), David O’Hara (Chair of Governors) and some 6th Form pupils were interviewed.  The piece then included a studio discussion with David O’Hara, together with a West Sussex Headteacher and a school funding campaigner.   You can view both parts of the news piece as follows:  (its about 1 minutes in)

If anyone is interested in attending one of the important stakeholder meetings at PGS tomorrow (Saturday 4th) or Monday 6th to hear more about their funding crisis,  please click on one of the following links:

Saturday 4 March at 10:00         (Sign up to attend this meeting here)

Monday 6 March at 14:30           (Sign up to attend this meeting here)

Monday 6 March at 18:30           (Sign up to attend this meeting here)

Please note: The same information will be presented at each meeting; PGS have offered three opportunities to ensure as many stakeholders as possible can attend.

Paul Hinchliffe

Chair of Governors

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