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2015/16 Governing Body Annual Report and Strategic Priorities 2016-21

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Governing Body Annual Report 2015/16 and Strategic Priorities 2016-21

As we approach the end of a very busy term and all look forward to a welcome rest over Christmas and the New Year, the governing body of Silkstone Primary School is pleased to publish its 2015/16 Annual Report, together with the school’s Strategic Priorities for 2016-21.

A            Annual Governance Statement

The third Annual Governance Statement and Meeting Attendance Report of Silkstone Primary School can be found on the governance section of the school website:

The Annual Statement is published in accordance with the Department for Education (DfE) best practice guidance that each school governing body should report annually to stakeholders on its impact.  The Meeting Attendance Report also reflects best practice guidance on publishing the attendance record of our governors and helps demonstrate their commitment to ensuring excellence in education for all our children.    Many thanks to Rich Meads for his support in converting the original Word document of the Annual  Governance Statement into a glossy publish ready PDF document for the website.

B            Strategic Priorities 2016-21

In early 2016, and taking into account one of the governing body’s core aims of ensuring the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school, we began a strategic review to develop the school’s overall 5 year plan and core strategic priorities.  Following this strategic review, and informed by our over-riding aim to maintain excellence in every aspect of school life whilst also responding to wider developments in educational policy, the governing body has now approved the following Strategic Priorities for the 5 year period 2016-21:

  • Excellence in teaching;
  • Financial sustainability;
  • Influencing the educational transition;
  • Deeper engagement and partnerships in a school-led system.

Further details of these Priorities and the School’s vision can also be found on the governance section of the school website:

On behalf of the governing body, may I take this opportunity to wish a very peaceful and restful Christmas and a very Happy New Year to every member of the school community – children, parents, staff and the many volunteers who all make our school the wonderful place it is.   Thank you for your support during 2016, and we look forward to seeing you next year.

Paul Hinchliffe

Chair of Governors

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