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Key Stage 2 SAT results 2015

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We are delighted to share with you this year’s SATs results which are fantastic and truly something to celebrate. They really are the icing on the cake at the end of a wonderful year in school.    The leadership team, all our staff and governing body strive for excellence in all aspects of our work and work tirelessly to create a wonderfully welcoming school in which all our children thrive, progress and achieve their potential in all aspects of their school experience.   Those of you who attended the KS2  production of Hoodwinked last week will have had the joy of sharing in that.

Before I share our SATs results, you may wonder why some years our results are better than others?   The answer to this question lies in an aspect of our school’s values of which we are extremely proud and which is at the heart of what makes our school so special and truly a school with soul.

We believe strongly in celebrating and enjoying diversity in all its forms.  As part of this we welcome children whatever their ability level and whatever challenges they may face in their lives and in their learning.  Children have different starting points, learn at different rates and face different challenges and this means that some children will not reach the national expectation as reported in the league tables.  Yet every single child is special to us and we work with unstinting effort and therefore  ensure that all our children thrive and grow in confidence, determination and skill as they realise their potential and achieve success.

We believe that our inclusive approach brings a greater richness to all our children’s lives as they learn to recognise, understand and appreciate differences.   At the same time, we ensure all our children thrive as we take the time to get to know each child as an individual whilst also taking real pleasure in meeting their needs whatever their ability.

In the years when our SATs results appear on the surface to be less favourable, we are heartened by the knowledge that our parents, families, governors and the local authority maintain their full confidence in the work we do and whole-heartedly support us as we continuously strive to ensure all our children flourish. Each and every one of our children is unique and special and each deserves the very best we give.

We hope this helps put our results into context.  The summary below is of the externally assessed SATs (Reading Maths and English: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling), and the detailed results will be posted to the school website in due course.  We hope that you will agree that this year’s results are truly worthy of celebration and join with us in offering our huge congratulations to every single one of our very special children, to you as families and to our staff team for all their dedication and hard work!    Very well done to everyone.

Silkstone Primary School

Key Stage 2 Test results 2015

Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
Grammar, punctuation and spelling School 2015 15% 67% 19%
National 2014 24% 49% 4%
Reading School 2015 33% 67% 0%
National 2014 39% 49% 0%
Maths School 2015 22% 44% 30%
National 2014 44% 33% 9%

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