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Our school councillors have been involved in awarding a £2.2million school meals contract


Zahara and Daniel, two of our school councillors, have been carrying out a very important role in working with school councillors from other schools and the Procurement Officers at Barnsley Council to help evaluate tenders for a £2.2 million contract for the supply of a school meals service to nine primary schools in Barnsley.

Eight pupils from four primary schools supported the process by forming a panel which interviewed the companies bidding to supply a school meals service from 1st April 2015.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet spokesperson for People (Achieving Potential) explained, “Part of the process saw the bidders presenting to a group of school and council officers, after which they met the young people themselves to answer questions the pupils had prepared in advance based on what the children wanted from their school meals service. The pupils scored all the responses, and these will go towards the final evaluation. The young people are the customers and they wanted to have a say about their lunchtime experience.”

We are so proud of our children for taking part in such an important process and because of the fantastic way they represented our school.

Well done to all of the children from all of the schools, you’re a credit to Barnsley.


3 thoughts on “Our school councillors have been involved in awarding a £2.2million school meals contract

  1. What a big decision! great job Z and D

  2. It looks so fun we’ll done and thank you

  3. D and Z – thank you so much for being part of this tender process. I hope you enjoyed it and that it helped you understand some of what needs to be considered when making big decisions like this! You are a great credit to our school, and on behalf of the board of governors, a very big thank you indeed!

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