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Curriculum 2014

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As many of you will be aware, the new national curriculum was launched in schools throughout the country in September 2014.  In preparation for this, all of our subject leaders spent a great deal of time finding out about the new requirements in their areas and I have to tell you they were excited about the opportunities presented by the changes required!  Each leader was able to make plans for implementation and to lead inset with the rest of staff to ensure the changes in their subject were understood by everyone and that teachers developed appropriate plans for the new academic year.

Mrs Simon, who is a member of our leadership team with responsibility for the curriculum overall, has had a huge part to play in this development.  Over the summer holiday she was incredibly busy ensuring all the plans met the requirements whilst also ensuring they had the potential to engage and motivate our children.  She was also hard at work creating a new section of the website dedicated to the new curriculum which can all be found under the curriculum tab.  Within these pages you can find policies and plans including specific learning maps for each year group.  This information has been put on the website to support parents and families in the very valuable work we know you do at home to support your children’s learning.

We’d also like to share with you a very useful guide to parents on the new curriculum.  It’s quite a lengthy document but well worth reading.  If you don’t have time to read it all, it would still be extremely useful to read the introduction and to then dip into different sections as and when you need them.  To download this guide, please follow this link Parents Complete Guide to the National Curriculum

Many thanks to Mrs Simon and all of our teachers for investing so much of their own time into ensuring the new curriculum is not only well-planned but will also lead to meaningful, motivating and memorable learning experiences for all!


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