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An end of year message from the governing body

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As we approach the end of the school year and look forward to the promise of the summer holidays, I am writing on behalf the school’s governing body with a message for all of you:

  • To the children from Class 6 who are leaving us and starting the next stage of their exciting life journey at secondary school, and to other children who are leaving us this summer – we wish you every success and happiness.  I am sure that you have had a wonderful time at Silkstone Primary and will have very happy memories of your years with us.  We hope that the next stage of your journey will be as enjoyable and fulfilling as this part has been.
  • To all the children who are staying with us and moving up in September – we hope you have had a fantastic year and are excited about moving into your new class.
  • To every single member of staff – thank you for your sheer hard work, dedication and commitment, without which our school would not be the very special place it is. 
  • To the leadership team – thank you for leading the school so professionally and with such determination; we are so pleased to welcome back Mrs Skilbeck and I know how much she is looking forward to next year. 
  • To our many volunteers – thank you for all you do in so many different ways to support the school community.
  • To our parents and carers – thank you for your overwhelming support for the school which is confirmed repeatedly through our regular questionnaires.

At the start of this year, we said the governing body would communicate more with parents and carers and we hope this has helped you in understanding the strategic role of governors; this communication will continue next year.  To help you further in understanding our role and impact, in October we will publish our first Annual Report which will set out our aims, outcomes and impact during 2013/14, and summarise our plans for the year ahead.

In the meantime, we hope that you all have a fantastic summer, enjoy some very well-earned rest, have lots of fun and special times with your families and friends, and return refreshed and energised for the new academic year.  Have a great summer!

Paul Hinchliffe

Chair of Governors   

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