Silkstone Primary School

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We are very proud of our Class 6 children who, having undertaken extensive Befriender training, have now begun a Befriender Service in school. If you’d like to know more about this exciting initiative, please spend a few minutes looking at the information on the Befriender page.

5 thoughts on “Befrienders

  1. the befriender service is there to help so if you have a problem come and see us (we wear high vis jackets so it is easy to spot us) and get it sorted out get it off your chest.

  2. The befriender service is a great way to make people feel better!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! From Beth

  3. They are always looking out for people who are feeling a bit lonely

  4. I think befrienders in year6 will be very kind and helpful! Thank you befrienders!!! Niamh class3

  5. the befriender service is very good because, if your child has a problem and they come to us they will feel a lot better and it is better to tell someone about your problem because if you keep it in it will get worse

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